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Global Business School

Horizons University, 


Programs available:


  • BBA in Global Business

  • MBA in Internation Management

  • MBA in International Marketing

  • DBA in International Business

  • DBA in International Communication

  • PhD in International Leadership

  • PhD in International Entrepreneurship

Charisma University,
Turks & Caicos Island, British West Indies


Programs available:


  • Associate Degree

  • Bachelor Degree

  • Master Degree

  • Doctorate Degree

  • Post Doctoral Fellowship

Lincoln University College,


Programs available:


  • Bachelor Degree in Management or Engineering

  • Master Degree in Management or Engineering

  • Doctor of Business Administration

  • PhD in Management or Engineering

Society of Business Practitioners, 
United Kingdom


Programs available:


  • Certificate in Business Management

  • Diploma in Business Administration

  • Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

  • Graduate in Entrepreneurship Management

 Please contact us if you have needs for other short Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. In-house staff development programs are also available.